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Chausie brown ticked
Wild Side Fatumeh
Breeder: Eva Rubin, Wild Side cattery, Flen, Sweden

Coat pattern and coat colours

The coat is ticked. The face shows tabby markings, there might be also broken necklaces around the neck. The legs and the tail are barred. The upper front of the legs and the inside show bolder bars. There might be also faint bars on the body.

There are three different colours:

  • solid black
  • black silver tipped
    The base is black with agouti banding, the hair tips are silver or black or both. Faint tabby markings can be seen. This colour is derived from the jungle cat. The silver tips seem not to be caused by the inhibitor gene.
  • brown ticked tabby
    The coat is mouse-grey near the roots and turns into a sandy-grey to a golden colour tone. The hairs are ticked with at least two dark coloured bands.
Reedcat India
Breeder: Meryl B. Peek, Reedcat cattery, Wrightwood, California, USA


Standard LOOF
Standard TICA
[Chausie Breeder Association]
  [Cat specialist group (member of IUCN)]
Here you find Felis chaus as species located in N.Africa & S.W.Asia.
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Breed profile

The Chausie is an elegant, svelt shorthair cat with a certain feral grace. The breed is medium to large in size, the males are noticeable larger than females.

The head is medium in size, broad at the top, with a long forehead. The cheekbones are prominent, and the muzzle is long and rounded at the end. The muzzle shows a slight whisker pinch, thus the whisker pads appear to be rounded. The nose, when viewed in profile, shows a slight concave slope with a slight bump, thus turning down the nose tip slightly.

The eyes are oval and slanted. Eye colours differ with the coat colour.
The ears are fairly large, open and wide at their base and set quite high and close together.

The body is long, svelte and athletic, emphasizing the agility and hunting appearance of the breed. The body is rather rectangular with a full chest.
The legs are medium in bone, and medium high, giving the cat a tall and slender-legged look.
The tail is medium long to long and medium broad.

The coat is medium-short, not so short as usual in shorthairs. It has a harder resilient top coat and a dense soft undercoat.
The coat is ticked.



The breed derives its origin from the jungle cat (Felis chaus), from where it also takes its name. The origin of those jungle cats dates back more than 4000 years to the ancient Egypt and the pharaohs.

The Chausie is a cross breed between the jungle cat and a domestic shorthair cat, which started in the early 1960s to 1970s. The breed is still bred by cross mating with the jungle cats.

The breed became registration status in TICA in 1995, and F3-generation cats can be shown since 2001.



The cat seeks for human attention, it is a very active and agile cat, it can jump quite high. They are quite eager to play and to fetch toys.
The cats are very friendly, intelligent and loyal.



The cat is easy going, and does not need a special treatment. But combing and brushing it periodically will keep its natural coat healthy and remove dead hairs.


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