Colourpoint Shorthair

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Colourpoint Shorthair seal lynxpoint
CH. Jesicat's King Tut
Breeder: Melissa Gorham, Jesicat's  cattery, Southern Maryland, USA

Colourpoint Shorthair may have the following colours:

  • red, cream, cinnamon, fawn
  • tortie, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, cinnamon tortie, fawn tortie
  • and with tabby points, which is referred as Lynx point:
    seal/blue tabby point
    chocolate/lilac tabby point
    cinnamon/fawn tabby point
    red/cream tabby point
    all tortie colours with tabby points.
  • In some organizations cinnamon/fawn is not recognized.
  • In some organizations, like the GCCF, also point colours with the Dilute Modifier (caramel and apricot) are recognized.
Colourpoint Shorthair chocolate tabbypoint
Simornatas Libertine
Owner: Liv B. Holst, Liberho's cattery, Norway
Colourpoint Shorthair red point
Spireshadow Tangointhenyte
Owner: Liv B. Holst, Liberho's cattery, Norway
In all other organization - except CFA and CCA - those colours are another colour class in Siamese, thus making no difference between Colourpoint Shorthair and Siamese.


Standard CCA
Standard CFA
[For further information please see the Siamese.]

Breed profile

The Colourpoint Shorthair is an elegant, svelte shorthair cat of oriental type.

The description for the Colourpoint Shorthair is the same as for the Siamese, except the point colour.
Please refer to the Siamese.



In the late 1940s, British breeders crossed Siamese with American Shorthairs, Abyssinians to develop colours beyond the traditional colours of the Siamese, and to introduce tabby striping and tortoiseshell patterns to the points.
The Colourpoint Shorthair gained recognition by CFA as a separate breed in 1964.



Colourpoint Shorthairs are talkative cats, they can get quite loud sometimes. Females, which are in heat, and lonely studs can cry with an ear splitting voice. The breed loves to communicate with its owner. They are active cats, who like to play. If they feel lonely without any playmate, they create one, and anything will be dedicated to become their playmate. They like to jump quite high, but they keep their balance between the narrowest things with great elegance, thus disrupting or disturbing very seldom something.
They are no outdoor cats, they like a cozy warm place - their normal body temperature is 1C higher than in other cats. They like to sleep on top of radiators, the television or the computer, or anything which creates heat.
They love their owners and demand attention and affection, they enjoy riding on their shoulders or cuddling on their knees, or to cuddle in bed under a warm blanket.
These extremely intelligent cats make very good companions for people, who like to have constant companionship. They will follow you, wherever you go, if you sit down, they will sit on your lap, if you eat, they will sit besides you on the chair, without being demanding or begging for food, if go to bed, they will enjoy to sleep in your bed with you. They will be your friends for a life time.



Colourpoint Shorthair require little grooming. Rubbing their coat with chamois skins will remove dead hears and will produce a silk-like glistening coat.


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