California Spangled
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There are several colours:

  • black spotted

  • bronze spotted

  • blue spotted

  • red spotted

  • silver spotted

  • also pointed, but spotted

The ground-colour in the non-silver colours is warm and intense.
The contrast between the spots and the ground colour is extreme.



Standard dropped by LOOF and TICA

Breed profile

The California Spangled is a designer breed and very rare.

The Spangled is a relatively large cat, its wild look resembles the rare African Cheetah.
The head is somewhat rounded. The nose shows a slight indentation between the eyes. The cheekbones are sculpted and contoured. The muzzle is broad and well developed.
The eyes are almond and slightly slanted. The ears are medium in size, slightly upright and rounded to contribute to the wild look.

The body is long and slender, tubular, very well muscled and heavy. The legs are long and mighty, they appear shorter, because the body is carried low, thus showing a hunting gait. The tail is medium long.

The coat is impressing, it is short and soft, on the tail the hair is slightly longer. Coat is double and quite dense.
The Spangled is a spotted cat, spots are oval, round, square or triangular and rather large. Stripes between the ears down the neck to the shoulders. The legs and the tail are heavily marked with broken stripes.



The Spangled is an engineered cat and was created by Paul Casey, a Hollywood scriptwriter in 1981, after 10 years hard work. Casey's intention in 1971 was to create a domestic cat, remembering to the small endangered wild cats to make people aware of the problem being extinct that wild cats are facing. Thus he crossed several breeds, apple-head Siamese, Abyssinians, some silver blotched longhair cats, American Shorthair and British Shorthair, Manx,  yellow speckled street cats from  Cairo and  blotched street cats from Malaysia.
The name "Spangled" comes from the ornithology, where it is used to name a pattern of the feathers. The introduction of the new breed was spectacular, Casey advertised the breed 1986 in Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog to raise funds for the endangered wild cats, in the hope that people would not want to wear their own pets' fur. The breed was first registered in 1987 by TICA.



The breed is affectionate, curious and social, and devoted to their owners. They are lively and energetic, they are very communicative and love interactive playing with their human companions.



The Spangled is an easy-going cat and does not require special grooming. Brushing them once a week with a brush or soft rubber keeps their coat shiny.


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