General information
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General information to the breeder's entry


If a link to an email-address is not displayed, you might find a contact form on the internet page of the breeder.


If a link to the homepage of the breeder is not displayed, this can be due to several reasons:

  • The breeder does not have a homepage.
  • The homepage of the breeder does not exist any longer.
  • The link has been temporarily deactivated, because the current homepage of the breeder does not include any topics about the breed in question.

Phone number

You see a "+" in front of the country code, because in some countries the "00" is not dialed for phone calls to foreign countries.

At the former GUS countries sometimes you do not see any country code:
That means that these phone numbers cannot be reached from non-GUS countries! I.e. phone calls to foreign countries are only possible within the former GUS countries. You will see an "8" in front of the area code. This applies, for example, to Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. Such a phone number can be reached only from these countries, but not, for example, from Germany, the UK, France, the USA, etc.

If the "0" is explicitly displayed in front of the area code, and not written as "(0)", then you must dial this "0"!

Mobile phone

When a mobile phone number for a breeder is displayed, this is a GSM phone number.
Please hold in mind that there exist also local (national) mobile networks, which is very widely spread in the USA, or the Natel net in Switzerland.
I.e. when you want to reach such a number from your mobile phone from the USA, then you mobile phone must be capable for GSM.

Also here you might not see a country code sometimes for the former GUS countries, but you might see an "8" in front of the mobile provider (carrier): see the explanations given for the phone number.

Unfortunately not all breeders have provided the number of the mobile provider. This has the disadvantage that you have to dial the mobile number as it is, and cannot choose an eventually cheaper mobile provider.


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