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Atlas of Feline Anatomy for Veterinarians
Lola C. Hudson, DVM, Ph.D., William P. Hamilton, BA, CMI
W.B. Sounders company, 1993, ISBN 0-7216-4004-4
Cat World, A Feline Encyclopedia
Desmond Morris
Random House, 1996, ISBN 0-09-182030-8
The Cornell Book of Cats
Mordecai Siegal and Cornell Univeristy
Villard Books, 1989, ISBN 0-394-56787-0
The Domestic Cat
Dennis Turner, Patrick Bateson
Cambridge University Press, 1988
Die domestizierte Katze
Dennis Turner, Patrick Bateson
Albert Müller Verlag, 1988, ISBN 3-275-00431-1
The Encyclopedia of the CAT
Dr. Bruce Fogle, DVM
Dorling Kindersley, 1997, ISBN 0-7513-0441-7
Feline Husbandry
Niels C. Pedersen, DVM, Ph.D.
American Veterinary Publications Inc., 1991, ISBN 0-939674-29-7
The Feline Patient
Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, Mitchell A. Crystal, DVM, Sharon K. Fooshee, DVM, Larry P. Tilley, DVM
Williams & Wilkins, 1998, ISBN 0-683-06556-4
Genetics for Cat Breeders
3rd edition
Roy Robinson
Pergamon Press, 1991, ISBN 0-08-037506-5
Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians
4th edition
Carolyn M. Vella, Lorraine M. Shelton, John J. McHonagle, Terry W. Stanglein
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999, ISBN 0-7506-4069-3
The Home Pet Vet Guide
Martin I. Green
Ballantine Books (Random House Inc.), 1980, ISBN 0-345-31765-3
  Katzen Krankheiten, Klinik und Therapie
Wilfried Kraft, Ulrich M. Dürr
Verlag M.&H. Schaper, 1991, ISBN 3-7944-0160-3
Legacy of the CAT
Gloria Stephens
Chronicle Books, 1990, ISBN 0-87701-728-X
Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
Delbert G. Carlson, DVM, James M. Griffin, MD
Howell Book House, 1989, ISBN 0-87605-814-4
Outline of Cat Anatomy
Stepehen G. Gilbert
University of Washington Press, 2000, ISBN 0-295-97818-X
The Royal Canin CAT Encyclopedia
Aniwa Publishing, 2001, ISBN 2-7476-0018-1
The book exists also in French.
Black's Veterinary Dictionary
Edward Boden, MBE, MRPharmS
A&C Black Publishers Ltd., 1998, ISBN 0-7136-4400-1
Veterinary Drug Handbook
3rd edition
Donald C. Plumb, Pharm.D.
Iowa State University Press, 1999, ISBN 0-8138-2353-6
Why does my Cat ...?
Sarah Heath
Souvenir Press Ltd., 1993, ISBN 0-285-63147-0
Frances Simpson The Book Of The Cat, 1903 You can download the full book, when you click on the link.
Cats and all about them, Frances Simpson, 1902 You can download the full book, when you click on the link.
  Katzen:  Die neue Enzyklopädie
Bruce Fogle
Dorling Kinderley, München 2002, ISBN 3-8310-0287-8
The Complete Cat Encyclopedia
Grace Pond
Crown Publishers, New York, 1972, ISBN 517-500-175
  Rassekatzen: die 100 Katzenrassen; welche Katze passt zu welchem Menschen.
Desmond Morris
Heyne, München 1999, ISBN 3-453-15355-3
Cat Breeds of the World
Desmond Morris
Viking Adult, 1999, ISBN-10 0670886394, ISBN-13 978-0670886395
Our cats and all about them
Harrison Weir
London, Fanciers' Gazette, 1892
You can download the full book, when you click on the link.


Download: Tables for breeding cats

Feline Advisory Bureau Management of cat litters (weighing table), in Excel
Information about the X-colours in Norwegian Forest cats Crossing table 1 (solid, tabby), in PDF
Heather E. Lorimer (Ph.D.) page about Cat Genetics Crossing table 2 (solid, bicolor), in PDF
Dr. Susan Little's (DVM) WebSite about cat diseases Crossing table 3 (solid, pointed), in PDF
Lorraine Shelton's Fanciers Health Yahoo group Help file for the crossing tables, in PDF
Lorraine Shelton's page about Cat Genetics Scale of points for the cat breeds, in PDF
Feline Genome Project: Dr. Lyons (English) Evaluation table for cats (quality evaluation), in Excel
The Winn Feline Foundation  
One of the most informative sites about cats: (English)  
World Small Animal Veterinary Association: Genetic Disorders in Cats (Congress 2003, English)  
TUFT's Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference 2003 (English)  
NCBI PubMed (English)  
NCBI OMIA (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals, English)  
Feline Genome at Swiss-Prot (English),
Enter as search key: "feline".

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