Gene Dm: Dilute modifier

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Gene Dm: Dilute modifier

Genes Dm, dm

Gene Dm
(= modification of diluted colors)

Gene Dm affects only diluted colors, it has no effect on non-diluted colors.
Dm is dominant over dm. Therefore gene Dm must be present only once (Dmdm) to see its effect in coat color.

Gene dm
(= no modification of diluted colors)

Gene dm is recessive, which means it must be present twice (dmdm) to prevent that a diluted color gets another color cast by the Dilute modifier.

diluted color modified color  
blue caramel Blue get a brownisch cast.
lilac taupe The color becomes paler.
fawn ---  
cream apricot The color becomes paler.

Possible gene combinations

DmDm homozygous for Dilute modifier In diluted colors there will be seen an effect on coat color.

That means, a cat must have at least D- Dm.

Dmdm heterozygous for Dilute modifier
dmdm homozygous without Dilute modifier In diluted color there will not be seen an effect on coat color.


How does the genetic code for diluted colors with Dilute modifier look like?

diluted colors gene combinations diluted colors
with Dilute modifier
 gene combinations
blue BB dd caramel BB dd Dm-
Bb dd Bb dd Dm-
Bbl dd Bbl dd Dm-
lilac bb dd taupe bb dd Dm-
bbl dd bbl dd Dm-
fawn blbl dd   blbl dd Dm-
cream male: B- dd OY apricot male: B- dd Dm- OY
bbl dd OY bbl dd Dm- OY
blbl dd OY blbl dd Dm- OY
female: B- dd OO female: B- dd Dm- OO
bbl dd OO bbl dd Dm- OO
blbl dd OO blbl dd Dm- OO
blue tortie BB dd Oo caramel tortie BB dd Dm- Oo
Bb dd Oo Bb dd Dm- Oo
Bbl dd Oo Bbl dd Dm- Oo
lilac tortie bb dd Oo taupe tortie bb dd Dm- Oo
bbl dd Oo bbl dd Dm- Oo
fawn tortie blbl dd Oo   blbl dd Dm- Oo
For Dm- you may have:
  • Dm Dm (homozygous)
  • Dm dm (heterozygous)

For B- you may have:

  • BB
  • Bb
  • Bbl

Where can one find such colors as Caramel and Apricot?

You will find these colors mainly in Siamese and Balinese, which are common in England. Caramel, Taupe and Apricot are recognized by GCCF.
You will also find these colors in cats with Siamese-points, for example in Rex-cats. Imagine now, how difficult it is to see this color tone on a curled coat.
You will find these colors also in Sphynx, and here mainly in the Peterbald, as it is crossed with Siamese. If one will see these colors on the skin in a pointed Peterbald?

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