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Unfortunately the breeders' database was partially erased by some hackers, and restauration takes its time.
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News about cats

03/2012 Update breed profile Turkish Angora
03/2012 New feature at breeder's entry:
Up to 10 pictures can be displayed now.
02/2012 New:
You can check now, if your desired cattery name is already registered somewhere else.
02/2012 Update breed profile Scottish Fold
01/2012 Update breed profile Cymric, Manx
01/2012 Update breed profile Turkish Van, Abessinier, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon
01/2012 Breed profile Singapura
Singapura breeders added
12/2011 Chapter Literature added at many breeds
09/2011 New design
New pages: Cat genome
08/2011 Manx profile enlarged.
Somali profile enlarged.
Literature added to Burmese and Bombay.
08/2011 New in the breeders' list:
Sorting after cattery names
08/2011 Selkirk Rex breeder added.
08/2011 Abyssinian/Somali breeder added.
07/2011 New clubs added.
07/2011 Restauration of database started, because this was partially erased by some hackers.
02/2011 Egyptian Mau breeders added
Clubs for the Egyptian Mau
02/2011 Breed profile Arabian Mau
02/2011 Medivoc enlarged
02/2011 history of British, Burmese, Chartreux enlarged with historic documents
01/2011 Bombay breeders added, Australian Mist breeders added
12/2010 Kurilian Bobtail breeders added
11/2010 several profiles actualized, pictures to American shorthair added
09/2010 Breed profile Thai
09/2010 500 new breeders added
09/2010 Siamese: History ammended
06/2009 In anatomy: Sense of touch in cats
06/2009 HCM Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
05/2009 Breeders list enlarged
05/2009 New in anatomy: The heart of the cat
04/2009 Breed profiles Mekong Bobtail, Asian
03/2009 Breed profiles Snowshoe, Somali
05/2008 History of the Abyssinian updated
History of the Himalayan and Persian updated
05/2008 Breed profile Turkish Angora
05/2008 Resources: More books and Our cats and all about them download-address added
05/2008 Breed profiles: Korat, Turkish Van, Vankedisi
05/2008 Resources: The Book Of The Cat, download-address added
05/2008 Breed profiles Japanese Bobtail, Sphynx
04/2008 Breed profiles Selkirk Rex, Siberian, Highlander
04/2008 Breeders list for Exotic opened
04/2008 Breeders list for Highlander opened
Breeders list of British Shorthair has grown significantly.
04/2008 Breeders list: Siberian, Sphynx
04/2008 New in anatomy: Skeleton of cats
11/2007 Breed profile LaPerm
11/2007 New pictures in Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, German Rex
09/2007 Lecture Munchkin & Napoleon
09/2007 Breed profile of the Russian
and breeders list
09/2007 Breeders list: Cymric and Manx breeders added
09/2007 Breeders list: Chausie, Pixie-Bob, Savannah breeders added
08/2007 Breeders list: Bengal breeders amended

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