Australian Mist lilac spotted
Nintu Jolie Galaxie
Breeder: Dr. Truda Straede, Nintu cattery, Australia
Owner: Nathalie Belle-Larant
Very interesting on the Australian Mist is the coat colour and the pattern. The background colour is ticked, the pattern looks like as if it would be covered by a thin veil (=mist, see the name of the breed).

The pattern can be spotted or marbled (which seems to be derived from the classic tabby blotched).
Colours are:

  • brown spotted, brown marbled (is a seal brown)
    and the dilution: blue spotted, blue marbled
  • chocolate spotted, chocolate marbled
    and the dilution: lilac spotted, lilac marbled
  • gold spotted, gold marbled (genetically cinnamon)
    and the dilution: peach spotted, peach marbled (genetically fawn).
Australian Mist blue marbled
Gold Gd Ch Nintu Marmor Rondoletia
Breeder/Owner: Dr. Truda Straede, Nintu cattery, Australia


Standard ACF
Standard WCF
[Genetics of colours & pattern]


Breed profile

The Australian Mist is well balanced, nothing is extreme on this breed. Males are larger and more muscular than the females. The head is medium long and surprisingly broad. The nose is broad, and when viewed in profile it shows a concave curve below the nose break (which is between the eyes) and a convex curve above (at the forehead), both curves are equally long. The whiskerpads are very well developed, the chin is strong. Ears are large and fairly wide at their base, they are set low on the head (on the outer corners of the head) and slightly tilted forward.
One gets immediately attracted by the eyes of that cat, which are large and lustrous, and give a foreign impression - the upper lid is straight, the lower lid is curved.

The body is medium long with a broad chest, it is quite heavy, and very hard - when you feel the body you feel its muscle strength. The legs are strong, medium long and have oval and firm paws. The tail is long and also relatively thick.

The coat is characteristic for this breed, it is short and glossy, and compared to the Burmese it is quite dense.



The Australian Mist (formerly known as Spotted Mist) is a breed  which has originated entirely in Australia. In 1977 Dr Truda Straede developed the Spotted Mist from the tabby domestic, named Te Kooti - from which the spotting (a version of the tabby pattern) was obtained, and the blue Burmese, named Nammy, and the Abyssinian, which provided the ticking for the background of the coat. The ticking must be present to enhance the spotted pattern.

In 1987 the Spotted Mist was accepted by the RAS Cat Control and fully registered. Australian Mists are now recognized in all Australian states.



Australian Mists are outstandingly affectionate and gentle. They are excellent with children and are very obliging when called upon to participate in games. They remain very kittenish all their lives but are trainable from 9-10 weeks without any difficulty. Australian Mists are so affectionate that you must take care not to spoil them too much.



They require general hand grooming but no special requirements.


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