GC Tangyi Devil's Heiress of Caricature
Breeder: Tangyi cattery, California, USA

There is only one colour recognized: black.

The Bombay, even it has its origin on one side in the Burmese, does not resemble the Burmese in anyway. Its body is very different, not so compact and hard muscled as the Burmese, but still well muscled and heavy. The head shape is somewhat rounder than in the Burmese with full but less prominent cheeks and a gentle profile (gentle stop), not with that abrupt break in the nose.

British Bombay
Rocadanne Black Poppy
Owner & breeder: Anne Edney, Rocadanne cattery, North Warwickshire, UK


Standard ACFA
Standard CCA
Standard CFA
Standard GCCF
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You find the Bombay in the Asian group.
Standard LOOF
Standard TICA
Standard WCF

Breed profile

The Bombay is the result of cross breeding Burmese and American Shorthairs.

The head shall not show any sharp angles or lines, it appears to be rounded. The cheeks shall be full giving the face a full expression, the muzzle is broad and rounded which maintains the rounded contours of the head. When viewed in profile a moderate stop is visible on the bridge of the nose (a slight indentation between the eyes), but no break like in the Burmese. The end of the nose is slightly rounded down thus completing the roundness of the head.
The ears are medium  in size and slightly tilted forward giving the cat an alert expression.
The eyes are round and have a striking copper colour which contrasts to the black shiny coat.

The body is medium long and well muscled, but not as compact as in the Burmese. The cat is surprisingly heavy when lifted up.
The legs are medium with rounded paws.
The tail is medium long, and only slightly tapered.

The Bombay has an incredibly satin-like and shiny black coat, short and fine, close lying to the body.



The founder of the breed is Mrs. Rikki Horner (Shawnee cattery, Louisville, Kentucky). She dreamed to create a black mini-panther - as the Bombay is called quite often, and started to cross a black American Shorthair with a sable Burmese, around 1958. She named the hybrids Bombay, after the town Bombay and the Indian black leopard. It took almost twenty years to get the breed recognized by CFA in 1976.
The Bombay is still a rare breed, and still outcrosses to the sable Burmese and American Shorthair are possible.

You find some interesting articles about the Bombay, also from Mrs. Horner herself at: Mustang cattery (located in Washington, USA).



The Bombay is a very people oriented and social cat. It loves to be with you, wherever you go, what ever you do, the Bombay wants to know. Whether you sit and watch TV, whether you read a book, or you do your housework, the Bombay will help you. Due to the fact that the Bombay is a hybrid of two breeds, it has got extreme intelligence, it loves to play with everything. But the Bombay is a very  gentle and not very loud breed.



The Bombay is an easy-going cat, thus excessive grooming is not necessary. Once a week brushing gently with a soft brush or soft rubber, will be sufficient enough.


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