Cornish Rex black & white
Breeder: Thea Friškovec, Traum von FF cattery, Slovenia

Cornish Rex come in all colours and patterns, which one can imagine, with white and without white, with silver or in golden, with tabby pattern and in Colourpoint.

  • white
Cornish Rex white blue-eyed
Ch Roseric's Sky Eyes (Lena)
Breeder: Carol Page, Roseric cattery, Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
  • black, blue
  • chocolate, lilac
  • red, cream
  • cinnamon, fawn
  • tortie, bluecream
  • chocolate tortie, lilac tortie
Cornish Rex tortie
Ch Roseric's Raizin A Ruckus (Raizin)
Breeder: Carol Page, Roseric cattery, Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
  • All those colours can also have all tabby patterns, for example black spotted, red mackerel, bluecream blotched, and so on.
  • All those colours can appear with silver or with golden, for example blue smoke, black golden shaded, blue golden mackerel, red silver blotched, chocolate tortie silver spotted, cream silver mackerel, and so on.
  • And all those colours can also be with white (bicolour, Van, etc.), for example black and white bicolour, red and white Van, tortie mackerel bicolour, cream smoke with white, black silver blotched bicolour, and so on.
  • And - last but not least - all those colours can also appear with Points (Colorpoint, Burmese-pointed, Tonkinese-pointed), with white or without white, as silver or golden pointed, tabby pointed, and so on.
Cornish Rex sealpoint
Cornish Rex sealpoint with white
Ch Roseric's Meso Curly (Meso)
Breeder: Carol Page, Roseric cattery, Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
There exist hundreds of colours and pattern combinations, and all those varieties can be admired on shows.


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Breed profile

Cornish Rex are medium sized shorthair cats. The slender and rather elongated body is carried on high and slender legs with dainty oval paws. The bone structure of the Cornish Rex is fine, but when lifting up the cat it is surprisingly heavy. The cat is very muscular, and the muscles are hard and firm to touch. The rib cage is full and deep, the front legs are straight and set parallel to each other, when viewed from the front. The back is rising up to the rear like in the greyhounds.
The head of the Cornish Rex is long with prominent and high set cheek bones, the top of the skull is rather flat.
The nose is straight and long and continues the straight profile up to the forehead. The muzzle is fine and rather pointed.
The ears are very large, very broad and open at their base. They are slightly pointed and are set close and upright on the head.
The eyes are medium in size and almost round. They can have any colour, there is no relation between coat colour and eye colour.
The coat is short, very fine and dense, when touching the coat it is extremely soft and it is a delight to feel it. The coat does not have too much undercoat. The very specific feature of the Rex-coat are the tight waves, which look like as if they have made with a curler. The waves are so dense and lying close to the body that one can see the skin only when parting the waves. The coat can have any colour, any pattern, the colours may appear with white or without white, there are also existing Colourpoints which are called Si-Rex.
The tail is very long, rather thin and pointed. The tight and dense waves can also be seen on the tail and the legs.
The eye brows and the whiskers are very stiff and are crinkled. It is important that Cornish Rex display whiskers.



The first Cornish Rexes were born in a litter of ordinary shorthaired house cats in Cornwall (England) in 1950. The red and white male, called Killibunker, was crossed back to his mother. From this mating the result were several kitten with a curled coat. Those kitten had been called Rex, after the rabbits which had the same name.
All Cornisch Rex cats can trace their ancestors back to Killibunker.
Various other breeds had been crossed into the Cornish Rex, and the curled coat had been always inherited to the offspring. Thus many different colours and patterns were created, but - most important - that also made this breed so robust.



Cornisch Rex are a healthy and robust breed. They are alert and extremely intelligent. The are quite skilled in running and jumping and in acrobatics, if they want to catch something. They are well known as the clowns in the cats. They have an extremely sweet character, are very affectionate, and are curious about everything of their surrounding.



Cornisch Rex need very little grooming, because their coat does not shed. They may feel warmer and love a cozy and warm environment. One really likes to touch them, it is extremely pleasant to run your hand over the soft and curled coat, that care must be taken not to overdo it.


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