European Shorthair blue spotted
FIN*Castlemoor’s C Carats Cilla
Breeder: Jaana Jyrkinen, Castlemoor's cattery, Hyvinkää, Finland

The Europan Shorthair is recognized in the following colours:

  • black, blue
  • red, cream
European Shorthair black
EP+EC Mustatassun King Kong
Owner: Anna Honkanen, Feronian cattery,Vantaa, Finland
  • tortie, bluecream
European Shorthair tortie
  • All those colours can also have all tabby patterns, for example black spotted, red mackerel, bluecream blotched, and so on.
European Shorthair spotted
  • All those colours can appear with silver, for example blue smoke, red silver blotched, cream silver mackerel, and so on.
European Shorthair silver tabby blotched
  • And all those colours can also be with white (bicolour, Van, etc.), for example black and white bicolour, red and white Van, tortie mackerel bicolour, and so on.
European Shorthair black-white bicolor
All pictures with the kind permission of SER-FER and EKIS.


Standard ACF
Standard FIFe
Standard LOOF
Standard WCF
The breed is called here Celtic Shorthair.
[SER-FER] (The European Shorthair club, located in Finland.)

Breed profile

The European Shorthair is Europe's native breed and has in origin in the cultivation of the European domestic cat.

The head is medium long, it is longer than broad and is rounded at the cheeks. The nose is straight and medium long, the base of the nose is clearly marked.
The eyes are large and almost round.
The ears are medium in size and upright set.

The European Shorthair is medium in size. The body is medium long and well muscled.
The legs are medium long and medium strong. The front legs are straight and narrow steadily to firm paws.
The tail is medium long and tapers only slightly.

The coat is short, hairs are firm, shiny and glossy, the coat does not lay completely to the body, it is somewhat elastic.

Overall the European Shorthair has medium proportions, is well balanced and nothing is extreme in the breed.



The breed is propably one of Europe's oldest breeds, and has not been mixed with other breeds, its original type has been preserved for hundreds of years. The Shorthair - both the European and the British - started as different breed for showing in the late 1800s. It has been the Finnish breeders who developed the European Shorthair as pedigreed cats and kept its purity. But it took a long time, until 1982, that the European was recognized as different breed also for shows.



The European is an active cat and likes to play. It is slightly selective towards other cat breeds. The cat is very loyal to its owner. The European is an outgoing and friendly cat.



The European does not need excessive grooming and has an easy-going coat. But brushing it from time to time will keep the coat glossy and elastic.


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