Karelian Bobtail Longhair
Gr.Int.Ch. Naidenka of Onego Lake
Owner: Angelina Koltsova, Angelur cattery, Russia
The Karelian Bobtail comes in many colors, except chocolate-lilac, cinnamon-fawn and pointed:
  • white,
  • black, blue, red, cream, tortie and blue-cream.
  • All these colors may be with silver or golden, smoke, shaded and chinchilla, for example blue smoke, tortie smoke, blue-cream smoke, golden shaded, blue golden mackerel, red silver tabby, tortie silver spotted, cream silver mackerel, etc.
Karelian Bobtail Longhair
Angelur cattery
Breeder: Angelina Koltsova, Angelur cattery, Russia
  • All these colors may have a tabby pattern, classic tabby, mackerel and spotted, they may also be silver tabby.
Karelian Bobtail Shorthair, tortie spotted
Vega of Onego Lake
Owner: Angelina Koltsova, Angelur cattery, Russia
Karelian Bobtail Shorthair, tortie spotted
  • All these colors may also be with white, Van and Bicolor, for example smoke bicolor, blue tabby Van, chinchilla bicolor, etc.
Karelian Bobtail Shorthair
Angelur Lelle of Onego Lake
Breeder: Angelina Koltsova, Angelur cattery, Russia


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Breed profile

The Karelian Bobtail is medium in size with a pom-pom like bobtail.
The head forms an equilateral triangle with straight lines. The forehead is flat, the cheeks are flat. The muzzle is fine, but slightly pinched with clearly visible whisker pads.
The ears are large and placed upright, they follow the outer straight line of the head. The ear tips are rounded.
The eyes are medium sized and oval, they are set slightly oblique. The eye color may be any color, there is no relation between eye color and coat color.
The nose is long and straight without any indentation at the base.
The body is neither elongated not too sturdy, but it is solid built.
The legs are medium in length and strong. The hind legs are noticeably longer than the front legs. The paws are round.
The tail consists of one or more kinks or curves or a combination of both. These kinks (angles) may be stiff or flexible. The base of the tail is flexible and movable. It is of no importance, in which direction the tail is kinked. The visible length (without fur) is at least 4 cm up to 13 cm.

The Karelian Bobtail exists as longhair and shorthair.
The coat is medium in length, very dense and has a well developed soft undercoat. The top coat is firm and glossy.
The coat is short, very dense and has, like the longhaired variant, a well developed soft undercoat. The top coat is firm and glossy.



The Karelian Bobtail originates as natural mutation in the Republic of Karelia along the coast and on the islands of Lake Ladoga.
The bobtailed tail is inherited recessive, which is different to the Kurilian Bobtail. That means, both parents must have a bobtail tail that the kittens will have also a bobtailed tail.



The Karelian Bobtail is, like all Bobtail cats, very friendly. They have a very robust health.
The cats are lovely and do make friends quite fast with other cats. They are curious and want to know everything.
The breed is easy going and may be kept and bred without any problems.



The cat needs little grooming. The coat is beautifully shiny and glossy, it feels like natural silk. Also the longhaired cats shed very little. But they shall be brushed, when changing their coat, to remove the dead hairs.


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