Mekong Bobtail
Mekong Bobtail sealpoint

A special thanks goes to Tatjana Terjoshina, WCF-judge and president of Korgorushi, whose club essentially was involved in the breeding and recognition of this lovely natural breed. 
Mekong Bobtail are pointed cats with Siamese-points in the following colours:
  • seal point, blue point
  • chocolate point, lilac point
Mekong Bobtail seal point
Int.Ch. Shanel
Breeder: Tatjana Terjoshina, ot Shanel cattery, Moscow, Russia
  • red point cream point
  • tortie point: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac
Mekong Bobtail seal tortiepoint
Nenufa ot Shanel
Breeder: Tatjana Terjoshina, ot Shanel cattery, Moscow, Russia
  • The points may have also stripes: tabbypoint
Mekong Bobtail red tabbypoint
Nicotine ot Shanel
Breeder: Tatjana Terjoshina, ot Shanel cattery, Moscow, Russia
  • There are also Mekong Bobtail with white, which are recognized in some Russian organisations.
Please note the bobtail in the pictures, its various shapes and its different length.


Тайские бобтейлы: повороты судьбы
Журнал Друг / март 2004
Л.К. Есина, президент РФОО "Коргоруши" (Москва), судья WCF

English: Thai Bobtail
Magazine Friends, march 2004
Lyudmila K. Esina, president of RFOO Korgorushi (Moscow), WCF-judge



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Breed profile

The Mekong Bobtail is a medium sized, relatively strong shorthaired cat with Siamese points and a Bobtail, which may have different length.

The head forms a modified wedge, where all sides are very gently rounded. On top the head is slightly flat, the cheekbones are clearly visible. The profile is curved and has an indentation at the base of the nose. The nose is Roman. The muzzle is set off, but rather fine.
The ears are large and wide at the base. They are placed rather erect on the head.
The eyes are large and oval, they are set rather straight. Eye colour is an intensive blue.

The body is solid and builds a rectangular shape. The length of the body is medium. Compared to the body, the legs are rather slender, the thighs of the hind legs are strong, the hind legs are slightly longer. The paws are oval.

The tail is the characteristic feature of the breed. It is a Bobtail, which may have different length, but it must have minimum 3 vertebrae and must not be longer than the quarter of the body length. The tail has several kinks and curves in various combinations.

The coat is short, glossy and lies to the body, it has little underwool.



In fact the Mekong Bobtail is a natural widely spread breed in the southeast of Asia, Iran, Iraque, China, Mongolia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam.

Alread Charles Darwin wrote in his book The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, 1883: « everywhere in huge areas, namely on Malayan Archipels, in Siam, China and Burma, all cats have short tails - approximately half of the appropriate length, this is frequently connected with some kind of a knot  in the end ». Darwin describes here the cats with Siamese points, which frequently have a shortened tail.

It was not really easy to make an experimental breeding in Russia. 
One of the first Mekong Bobtail was the cat of the famous actor Michael Gluzskomu, which was imported by him from southeast Asia and which became more than 20 years old.
20 years ago Olesya Olga Petrovna and Ivan Kazimirovich Opachek, club Korgorushi, imported the first cats from the Iran to Russia, where this breed was cultivated and carefully bred.

Up to the 1980-s the Mekong Bobtail was not very well known, when L.L. Lisenkovoj contacted various clubs to find cats for their experimental breeding program, but with little success. Thus they had to import more cats from their native countries.

The name of the breed was chosen after the longest river of southeast Asia, the Mekong, to make a clear distinction to the Thai.

The opinion that Thai cats or old-typed Siamese were used for breeding to create the Mekong Bobtail, is not correct. There had been imported cats from their native countries to Russia and a distinct breeding program was implemented, where Mrs Lyudmila Esina, WCF allbreed judge, played an important role.
Actually it was already forbidden in the first standard, set up by Olga Mironova, WCF allbreed judge,  in 1994 to cross any other breeds (also not the Thai) into the breed. Also in the revised standard of 1998, which was accepted by the commission of experts MKEF in Moscow, it was forbidden to use any other breed for breeding.
But it took until August 14, 2004 that the Mekong Bobtail was recognized as breed by the WCF.



The Mekong Bobtail is a silent, very friendly cat with an equilibrated character. The cats can spring and climb very well. It is very affectionate to its owner and loves to play.



The breed is very easy to groom. But it is recommended to brush the cat regularly to remove dead hairs. Bathing is not required.


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