A special thanks goes to Paul McSorley, TRT cattery and founder of the breed, and Lynne Daggett, LoRider cattery, who were so kind to provide these beautiful pictures!
Minskin tortie-white Van
TRT Hear Me Roar
Breeder: Paul McSorley, TRT cattery, Boston, USA
Minskin come in all colors and patterns:
solid white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream
tortie tortie, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, cinnamon tortie, lilac tortie
with silver smoke, shaded, shell
all tabby-patterns
  • classic tabby-pattern (blotched), mackerel, spotted
  • and - of course also silver tabby
LoRiders Minskin
LoRiders Mustang Ranch Bouncer
Breeder: Lynne Daggett, LoRiders cattery, Fernley, Nevada, USA

And, colors are continued:

with white
  • Van, Harlequin, Bicolor, with white
  • and of course also:
    silver with white, tabby with white, silver tabby with white
  • solid pointed
  • tabby point (Lynx-point)
  • Mink
  • Sepia
  • and the points with white

Minskin seal mink

TRT Grizzly Bare
Breeder: Paul McSorley, TRT cattery, Boston, USA
Especially appreciated are pointed Minskin.


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Breed profile

The Minskin is small to medium in size. Its main characteristics are the short legs and the very sparse coat.
The head is not very long, cheekbones are high and the muzzle is rounded. The head shows rounded contours, cheeks and muzzle are rounded. The nose is medium long and straight and shows a slight stop between the eyes. The ears are rather large, wide at the base and follow the outer contours of the head. The eyes are large and round. The face has a very sweet expression.
The head is placed on a strong neck, which shall not be too short.
The body is sturdy and medium in length, shoulders are solid, the chest is well developed, hips are strong and solid. The legs are short and solid, hind legs are slightly higher than front legs. The tail is medium in length.

The Minskin is not completely bare, its skin is covered by a dense down, which is supposed to be more at the extremities. The skin is, like in the Sphynx, warm and velvety to touch.



The breed is very young and originates from a cross breeding between Sphynx and Munchkin, made in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts. The founder of the breed is Paul McSorley, TRT cattery.
The breed has a preliminary standard in TICA.



The breed has two traits, which are inherited differently. The sparse coat is inherited recessive, the short legs are inherited dominant.
Therefore one may also get long-legged Minskin from two heterozygote cats.
Get more information about the Feline Genome Project about the Munchkin on the homepage of Dr. Leslie Lyons.



The Minskin combines the extremely lovely personality of the Munchkin with the eager to learn and curious personality of the Sphynx. The Minskin is very affectionate to people. Despite their short legs they are self-assured, curious, confident and outgoing.
The Minskin can run as fast as any other cat, bouncing like ferrets. They can climb trees, cat posts and curtains just as well as other cats. Minskin can jump onto beds and chairs, and also on the kitchen counter.



Minskin are easy to care for. To keep their skin smooth and supple they should be bathed regularly with a mild baby shampoo.


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