Napoleon LH tortie tabby bicolor
Breeder: Dana Wilson, Loprofile cattery, USA
Napoleons may be long-haired and short-haired.
Napoleons come in all colors and patterns:
solid white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream
tortie tortieshell, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, cinnamon tortie, fawn tortie
with silver smoke, shaded, shell
all tabby patterns
  • classic tabby (blotched), mackerel, spotted, ticked
  • and - of course - also silver tabby
Napoleon SH tabby spotted bicolor
Breeder: Dana Wilson, Loprofile cattery, USA

Let's continue with the colors:

with white
  • Van, Harlequin, bicolor, Mitted, with white
  • of course also:
    silver with white, tabby with white, silver tabby with white
  • with solid colored points
  • tabby point (Lynx-point)
  • pointed with white

Napoleon LH colorpoint

Picket Fence Bumblebee
Breeder: Bonnie Hansson, Picket Fence cattery, Iowa, USA


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Breed profile

The Napoleon is medium in size. The main characteristic are its short legs. Napoleon may appear in longhair and shorthair. The breed is the result of a cross breeding between Munchkins and Persians.
The head is short, round and broad, the cheeks are round and full, die muzzle is short and rounded. The head shall resemble a Persian's head of moderate type. The nose is short and broad with a definite stop between the eyes. The ears are small to medium in size and set relatively low. The eyes are large and round.
The head is carried on a short and strong neck.
The body is solid and not so short like the Persian's body, shoulders are firm, the chest is broad and the hips are firm and solid.
The legs are short and strong, hind legs slightly longer than front legs. The tail is medium long and carried erect, when the cat is in motion.

Napoleon can have long and short coat.
Longhaired cats have a silky, quite dense and long coat, with a well developed ruff. The tail is not as short as in the Persian, but bushy.
Shorthaired cats have a dense and plushy coat. The tail looks like a full bottle brush.



The Napoleon was recognized by TICA February 2005 for registration.



The Napoleon is a men-made breed.
The special feature, the short legs (like in some dog breeds) is based on a spontaneous mutation. The head and the quite firm body originate from the Persian, but the head type is that of a moderately typed Persian.
Today's Napoleons are mostly heterozygous, and thus one may have long-legged Napoleons and Munchkins in the same litter, which are called Non-Standard-Napoleon or Non-Standard-Munchkin.



The Napoleon has an extremely sweet personality and is very affectionate to people. They have the quiet temperament of Persians. Despite their short legs they are self-assured, confident and outgoing and are treated by their long-legged companions as any other cat-companion.
The Napoleon can run as any other cat, bounding like ferrets. They can climb trees, cat posts and curtains just as well as other cats. Napoleons can jump onto beds and chairs, and also on the kitchen counter.



Longhaired Napoleon need to be brushed and combed on a regular basis, because they have a rather coat, quite similar to the Persians coat.


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