Nebelung Nebelheim
TGC Romani Gregory of Nebelheim, RW
Breeder: Cora Cobb, Nebelheim cattery, founder of the Nebelung, USA,
Photo: Jim Brown
Nebelung The Grey
Ciastek The Grey
Breeder: The Grey cattery, Poland
Owner: Bernard Boucher, Chatterie du Fort de la Bosse Marnière, France


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In the breeding program Russian Blue are used. In most organizations the shorthaired kittens are registered as Shorthair Nebelung and are not used for breeding Russian, they are only used for breeding Nebelung.
You may read about the genetics crossing longhair with shorthair in our chapter about Genetics.

The Nebelung is an elegant Semi-longhair cat with beautiful green eyes and a profile typical for this breed.

The head is medium in length and wedge-shaped, the forehead is flat. The nose is straight and forms, when viewed in profile, a "typical" angle together with the forehead at the level of the eye brows. The whisker pads are pronounced.
The ears are large and pointed, they are set to continue the outer line of the head.
The eyes are medium sized and slightly oval. One notices their beautiful green color. The eye color develops very slowly.

The Nebelung is medium in size, and the body is slightly elongated. The cat gives an elegant and graceful impression, but has a quite athletic musculature.
The legs are long and medium boned. The paws are oval.
The tail is at least as long as the body, it is covered with long hair, which is longer than the fur on the body.

The coat is medium in length, shorter at the front and becoming gradually longer toward the tail. The coat is dense and soft (a so called "double" coat), the top coat is silky. The hairs are fine in structure. The coat shows a silvery shine, the feathery hairs behind the ears are even paler. The breed does not display a full ruff, but has pantaloons on the hind legs.
The coat color is blue with a silvery shine, mostly it is a medium blue. The undercoat is shaded in a paler tone.



Even the breed has the same standard as the Russian, except the coat, the Nebelung is NOT a longhaired variant of the Russian. It is a man-made breed, bred with a well defined purpose and plan.
The founder of the breed is Cora E. Cobb, USA.
The first Nebelung was Siegfried, a male, born 24th of August, 1984 in Denver, Colorado, in a litter of the black domestic cat Elsa with a blue male looking like a Russian Blue. In January 1985 Brunhilde, a female, was born from the same mating between Elsa and her boy-friend. The first litter of Brunhilde and Siegfried was born in May 1986, 3 Nebelung kittens.
Supported by Dr. Solveig Pflueger,  chair of TICA's genetics commission, Mrs. Cobb started her breeding program for this new breed, which was called Nebelung on advice of Dr. Pflueger and got the same standard as the Russian. To improve the type of the breed, Russian Blue were used fro breeding.
Independently from the breeding program of Mrs. Cobb, Russian Nebelung had been exhibited in Moscow already in 1995.
The Nebelung was recognized by TICA in May 1997.
Mrs. Cobb also used the Russian Nebelung in her breeding program, when she acquired Winter Day Georgin from Natasha Stolyarova.



The Nebelung is a very quiet and intelligent cat, which is rather shy and reserved against foreigners, but very faithful and affectionate toward its owner. It will follow its owner wherever he goes.



The Nebelung is an easy going cat, which does not need excessive grooming. As it is a longhaired cat, one shall brush her coat regularly to keep it glossy and shiny, and to remove dead hairs from the coat.


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