A special "Thank you!" goes to Beth Fillman - Calico Rose cattery, who supported me with her help and lovely pictures!
Skookum SH tortie
Calico Rose Angel
Breeder: Beth Fillman, Calico Rose cattery, New York, USA
Skookum may be long-haired and short-haired.
Skookum come in all colors and patterns:
solid white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream
tortie tortieshell, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, cinnamon tortie, fawn tortie
with silver smoke, shaded, shell
all tabby patterns
  • classic tabby (blotched), mackerel, spotted, ticked
  • and - of course - also silver tabby
Skookum LH
Calico Rose Wisteria
Breeder: Beth Fillman, Calico Rose cattery, New York, USA

Let's continue with the colors:

with white
  • Van, Harlequin, bicolor, Mitted, with white
  • of course also:
    silver with white, tabby with white, silver tabby with white
  • with solid colored points
  • tabby point (Lynx-point)
  • pointed with white
Skookum SH black Harlequin
Calico Rose Dudley Stewart
Breeder: Beth Fillman, Calico Rose cattery, New York, USA


[Provisional standard of Skookum]
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Breed profile

The Skookum is medium in size. The main characteristic are its short legs and its curly coat. Skookum may appear in longhair and shorthair.
The head is medium long with higher set cheekbones and a medium long muzzle. The head has sligthly rounded contours, and the broader muzzle is also gently rounded. The nose is medium long, straight with a slight stop between the eyes. The ears are medium to large, wide at the base and relatively high set. The eyes are medium in size and walnut shaped.
The head is carried on a strong neck which is not too short.
The body is strong and medium in length, shoulders are strong, the chest is well formed and the hips are firm. The legs are short and strong, hind legs slightly longer than front legs. The tail is medium long and medium strong.

The Skookum can have long and short coat. Little undercoat.
Long-haired cats have a loosely curled coat like the Laperm with britches on the hind legs, the ruff is is not very full, and the hairs on the tail are also curled. The coat stands away from the body and you may feel the skin when running your fingers through the coat.
Short-haired cats have a medium short coat loosely curled. The coat is also airy and not very thick, and stands away from the body. The tail shows also curls and looks like a bottle brush.



The breed is a very young and rare breed and still in development. It is a man-made breed resulting from a cross breeding between Munchkins and the LaPerm, which are still used in the breeding program. Thus, one may still get all three breeds, Munchkin, Skookum and LaPerm.



The Skookum has an extremely sweet personality and is very affectionate to people, it combines the cuteness of the Munchkin and the brightness of the Laperm. Despite their short legs they are self-assured, curious, confident and outgoing and are treated by their long-legged companions as any other cat-companion.
The Skookum can run as fast as any other cat, bounding like ferrets. They can climb trees, cat posts and curtains just as well as other cats. They can jump onto beds and chairs, and also on the kitchen counter.
They stay playful during their whole life and like to hide things in secret places.



Skookum are easy to care for. The coat does not mate and sheds very little. They need rather little grooming, but they love to be brushed.


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