foundation male Vasiliy
Ch. Vasiliy
Breeder: Podurovskih, Yekaterinburg, Russia


coat coat: dense waves
The coat is very densely curled with double waves.


Development of color is quite interesting. Kittens have a greyish coat. When growing up the coat gets a brownish tinge, and black tabby cats have a striking golden color between the pattern.

Foundation female Murka
black spotted and white,
Breeder: Podurovskih, Yekaterinburg, Russia
There are almost all colors permitted, except chocolate-lilac, cinnamon-fawn:
  • black, blue
  • red, cream
  • tortie, blue-cream
  • All colors may be with tabby in all patterns, for example black spotted, red mackerel, blue-cream tabby, etc.
  • All colors may be with silver or golden, for example blue smoke, blue-cream smoke, black golden shaded, blue golden mackerel, red silver tabby, silver mackerel, etc.
tortie & white
tortie with white toes
  • And all these colors may have any amount of white (Bicolor, Van, etc.), for example black-white Bicolor, red-white Van, tortie mackerel Bicolor, cream smoke with white, black silver tabby Bicolor, etc.
  • And - last but not least - all these colors exist also as Colorpoints, with or without white, silver pointed, golden pointed, tabby pointed, etc.
black-white Bicolor
black-white Bicolor
tortie & white
Emerald's Beautiful Bona
Breeder & owner: Olga W. Nemuitova, Emerald cattery, Russia
red tabby & white
Emerald's Victor Varius
Breeder: Olga W. Nemuitova, Emerald cattery, Russia


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Breed profile

The Ural Rex is a natural mutation originating in the Ural, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
It is medium in size, and the body is rather sturdy and solid. One can feel the musculature well. The legs are thin and slender, medium in length, with small paws.
The head forms an equilateral rather short wedge, whose sides (cheeks) are well rounded. The forehead is arched. The nose is broad and straight with a well defined indentation at the base (at the lower level of the eyes). The nose bridge is rather flat. The cheeks are prominent with high set cheekbones, the muzzle is rather fine with a slight pinch.
The eyes are large and oval, and set as wide apart as possible. They may have any eye color, there is no relation between coat color and eye color.
The ears are medium in size, open at the base and high set.
The coat may be medium short or medium long, the Ural Rex comes as shorthair and semi-longhair. The hair is fine, but very dense. The coat is double and very densely curled. Development of the waves takes a comparable long time up to two years. Kittens display open and non-closed waves at an age of 3-4 months.
The tail is rather thin and medium in length.


According to reports of the native people living in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) these cats exists as free roaming domestic cats since the 1940s. But nobody cared about any breeding program.
The foundation male for breeding was Vasiliy, born in 1988, from Zarechniy near Ekaterinburg. He was mated with his mother, called Mura, a black spotted and white domestic cat. In 1994 the first litter was born, with a black and white male, called Bars, and a black spotted and white female, called Murka. Inbreeding was made very carefully, which was an advantage, as no genetic defects had been detected.
Test mating with Cornish Rex and Bohemia Rex resulted in straight haired kittens. One can assume that this mutation is not related with the Cornish Rex.
Especially the club Grace from Ekaterinburg supports the breeding programs of the Ural Rex ( catteries Ural rex, Fairy Tale, Emerald). In 1997 a breeding program in Moscow was set up using the females Merlushka and Bonny, and the male Clide.



The Ural Rex is a quiet, very equilibrated cat. She loves people and other companion animals. She can be easily kept and goes very well together with children.



Grooming is not very intensive, but the cat shall be brushed and combed regularly, especially the longhair.


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